DJB Engineering Lynton & Barnstaple 2-6-2 (ga. 0)

$3,400 + post

This engine was built by David Bailey of DJB Engineering. The engine is built to the highest standard with a detail level usually found only on electric locomotives. It is 0 gauge, gas fired, with a single-flue boiler. It has two double acting, D-valve cylinders controlled by working Joy valve gear. The gas is carried in the left side tank. The right side tank is functional and has a hand pump. Fittings include a safety valve, pressure gauge, throttle, water glass, and check valve.

The engine has been run but has been well cared for. I have not run it. One hatch cover is missing. The loco has radio control and the radio has not been tested. (You may want to replace it anyway, as it is fairly old.) This rare engine illustrates the peak of 16mm-scale modeling. It is a complex, sophisticated unit and not recommended for beginners.