Don Mason 2-6-2 + 7 freight cars
$3,400 + post
The locomotive. This semi-scratchbuilt, gauge 1, 1:22.5-scale 2-6-2 locomotive was built to a high standard on a Roundhouse chassis. The engine is in very good condition. A complete write-up on it can be found here.

The rolling stock. Included with this engine are seven freight cars, hand built by Chuck Allen of Chuck's Custom Cars, Dallas Texas, in the late 1980s. The cars are 1:22.5 scale and are typical of narrow-gauge rolling stock. All are lettered for the Southern Pacific. These are substantial pieces of equipment and are highly detailed and beautifully made entirely of wood and metal with complete underbody detail. The cars include a flat car, two boxcars, a cattle car, a tank car and two gondolas. Please write if you would like more photos. Please note: The locomotive has knuckle couplers, while the rolling stock is equipped with link-and-pins.