1" scale Markie Showman's Engine
$2,100 + post

Markie is a British maker of traction engines of different types. This is a Showman's engine in 1" scale. It measures 20-1/2" long overall x 7-1/2" wide x 11" tall. It has a Smithies-type boiler, fired by alcohol, with one, large, annular-ring burner; Stephenson's link reversing gear; one double-acting D-valve cylinder; steering from the footplate; functional water tank with hand pump; pressure gauge; safety valve; water glass; working hand brake; and a belt-driven dynamo to power the LED lights on the canopy.

The chimney extension atop the canopy appears to be a dummy. The engine can be locked in or out of gear for mobile or stationary running.

I have not steamed this engine, though it runs well on air. It appears to have been fired very little, if at all, and is in excellent condition, both mechanically and cosmetically, though the brainwork is a little dull. I have also not tried the dynamo.

This is a beautiful and unusual model that would make a fine display piece when not in use.

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