The 2nd Annual Spring Windup

Trains on display

Chuck Donovan's table.
Vintage Marx in the foreground; Marc Horovitz's scratchbuilt engines behind.
George Wagner's Toonerville Trolley (floor toy) and Bing 0-4-0 from the 1930s.
Vintage clockwork mechanisms. The 6-wheel unit is Bing; the 4-wheel motors are Bassett-Lowke. All are heavily built for real work and all are reversible. The two keys on the left are Hornby/Meccano; the one next is Karl Bub, and the front one is Marx.
A display of (mostly) Hornby clockwork trains and accessories.
David Outteridge regauged this old Marx mechanism for gauge-1 operation. The key is homemade.
Jeff Young's scratchbuilt engines, brought all the way from Canada. Windus, the tram engine on the left, utilizes a Meccano motor, while the steeple-cab engine has a Hornby mechanism. This one is particularly constructed from old Mamod parts.
An unusual Marx set. The locomotives (one powered, one dummy) are the M10005 streamliner engines. Here, they have been made into an A-A freight set, fastened together back-to-back by a special plate. The caboose is unusual, too, having a brown frame.
Mike Horner's scratchbuilt WD Baldwin, under construction. The engine is being built around a scratchbuilt clockwork mechanism by some unknown person.