The 3rd Annual Spring Windup

Trains on display

There was a wide and wonderful assortment of trains at this event. "Display" was taken very casually, with trains sprawled over four tables set up under the tent.
There were trains from all over the world. On the table here are trains by American Flyer, Hafner, Bing, Hornby, Marx, and Wyandotte, as well as scratchbuilt and kitbashed engines by Marc Horovitz and Mike Horner. At the lower left is a clockwork motor made out of a clock. It will run for 6 minutes but has yet to be converted to a locomotive.
Another shot of some of the display tables. The large Hunslet locomotive in the middle is a live-steam interloper.
Richard Reiff's trains were some of the most unusual. They included: 1. Marklin single railcar, post war, very early 50s; 2. Micro (Swiss) two-car railcar set; 3. Brimtoy (UK), early 1970s; 4. Joustra (France) two-unit railcar with built-in "sound" device that works the old card in bike spokes; 5. Distler (Germany) Dual Railcar, post war; 6. Maurlyn (Australia) "Flyer" 4-6-2 loco with cars; 7. Industria (Argentina) steam set, including 0-4-0 loco, tender, passenger, and 2 gondolas; 8. French Hornby single rail car, early 1950s.