A report on
The 3rd Annual

(and maybe the last)
Spring Windup

April 24, 2010
Denver, Colorado

The 3rd Annual Spring Windup was a roaring success. Again, attendance tripled from the previous year, with 18 in attendance. People came from Washington State, Wisconsin, and Alabama, as well as Colorado.

The weather, once again, was threatening, after several days of truly miserable weather -- rain, cold, and wind. Thanks to Chris Greenwald for providing a carport-size tent for us to huddle under. However, by noon the skies had cleared and the wind had dropped to something manageable, though lightweight tinplate trains were still in peril when crossing the viaduct.

People brought an amazing assortment of spring-driven goodies. There were commercial trains from the US, Switzerland, Germany, England, Australia, and China. Chuck Donovan again brought a wild selection of his innovative and creative scratchbuilt clockwork contraptions.

This year had the added attractions of competitions, complete with trophies for the winners, thanks to Chuck Donovan. Competitions included Slowest Clockwork Engine, Fastest Clockwork Engine, Strongest Clockwork Engine, and Clockwork Engine that would Travel the Furthest on One Wind.

A fabulous lunch was served by Barbara Horovitz, to the delight of all.

Here's a movie of some of the days proceedings. If it doesn't work, click here to go to YouTube.

Click on the thumbnails below for more pictures and info.

Trains on display
Trains in the garden
Miscellaneous pictures of surpassing interest

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