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for the Denver Steam Group's project engine

Plans for this locomotive, drawn by Ken Orme, consist of eight, 18" x 24" sheets. Also included is a decimal equivalency chart and a list of necessary drills, taps, dies, and reamers for this project.

The price for a set of plans is $20, postpaid within the USA. Payment can be made via a check or money order, or through PayPal to The plans are available from:

Marc Horovitz
6862 E. Center Ave.
Denver CO 80224 USA


Gears, chain, and sprocketsare available from:

Stock Drive Products

If you don't already have a lathe, you'll need one for this project. A lathe is an immensely useful tool, once you get the hang of what it's all about. This locomotive is designed to be built on a small lathe, one with a swing of about 3" or so. Two of the most common of these are the Taig and the Sherline.

Tools and other goodies
If you are new to machine work, you'll also need to buy a variety of other tools. There are zillions of tools out there and one good (free!) way to get educated is to get on the mailing list of tool suppliers. Some of our favorites include MSC, Harbor Freight, Grizzly Industrial, and Enco, but there are many others. Harbor Freight has inexpensive drill presses, among other things. MSC has a lot of materials, as well as precision measuring tools, drills, taps, dies, reamers, etc. Enco has larger machine tools, too, including lathes and mills. A good source for smaller tools is MicroMark.

E-mail them or call them up and request a catalog. Don't let them send you a catalog on CD -- get a real, paper one. When they arrive, sit down for a few quiet evenings and begin to familiarize yourself with the wonderful world of metalworking tools.

If you'd like to see pictures of other people's Denver engines, visit our Gallery page.

Questions and answers
If you have questions about any aspect of Denver, you may post it at the bottom of our Q&A page. Your answer should be forthcoming in a couple of days.


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